About Us

Our History

History in Professional Carpet Cleaning

Bill Kent started a professional carpet cleaning business in the Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Bill used the “steam carpet cleaning system,” which at the time was new. Bill was so successful that eventually he wrote a book entitled, “How to Clean Carpets for Dollars and Independence.” He received many letters and visits from people who said reading and following the system outlined in the book changed their lives, allowing them to make more money than they ever thought possible, and felt great about owning their own business.


History and Innovation in Rental Carpet Cleaning

Bill and his brother Rodger then started a new company renting carpet cleaning machines to consumers to clean their own carpet. Bill conceived the idea to start using steam carpet cleaners, the same system he used in Professional Carpet Cleaning. He thought a lighter, smaller, simpler, less expensive “steam carpet cleaning machine” could be rented in grocery and hardware stores and clean much better than the smaller shampoo machines. At that time, “steam” machines were heavy, large, complex and very expensive, usually requiring two persons to operate. Rodger suggested a simpler “dolly” design that would allow one person to operate the machine easily. One night after dinner at the dining table Bill laid out the design for a lighter, smaller, simpler, ‘dolly’ type machine that became the Rug Doctor model R-40 “steam” carpet cleaning rental machine. This was one of the very first, if not the first “steam carpet cleaning machines” that consumers ever used, and the first at the national level to our knowledge. In its day it changed the carpet cleaning field forever. The “steam” or hot water extraction carpet cleaning rental business was a great success Bill and his brother cofounded the “rental steam carpet cleaning industry”. Bill sold his interest in the company in the late 80s and has been working on new innovative products.

Kent Investment Corporation and the SpotVortex

Bill continues to have a passion for developing innovative products and programs that help people clean and protect one of their largest investments, their homes. So in 1992, Bill, along with his immediate family, started Kent Investment Corporation. Kent Investment industry manufactures machines, accessories, and cleaning solution for consumer and rental carpet cleaning industry. The family is still passionate about innovation and the carpet cleaning. We continue to innovate and bring do-it-yourself products to market for our customers. Our products are known for being durable, reliable and affordable. We have cleaning systems that earned Platinum Certification from the Carpet and Rug institute. This is the highest and most difficult rating that can be achieved.

Bill, and his son Steve, have developed the SpotVortex, our latest cleaning system for removing spots. They have put their vast knowledge and experience in the carpet cleaning industry into the development of the SpotVortex. The SpotVortex gives you the power to remove spots and odors like professional without the wait or cost. The SpotVortex Spot cleaning solution has also received the Seal of Approval for Superior Cleaning form the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to develop unique, innovative, effective, and affordable products to help consumers maintain a healthy and enjoyable home. We will fulfill our commitment to provide superior products for superior value to our valued customers.

We are excited about the new Vortex line and have many great new products coming in the future. We hope that you enjoy your Vortex products as much as we have enjoyed designing them and offering them to our customers.