How It Works

The SpotVortex is a simple-to-use attachment for machines such as wet-dry vacs, or carpet cleaners you own or rent. It gives you the power to clean every layer of your carpet, removing spots and odor caused by food, liquid, soil and, yes, even pets more effectively. It concentrates your machine’s suction, enhancing its soil and liquid removal abilities. Multi-Layer Extraction not only cleans the carpet’s surface, backing, and pad thoroughly, it helps prevent spots and odors from reappearing from deep within the carpet and pad.

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The SpotVortex Spot cleaning solution’s advanced formula eliminates tough spots and odors from carpet, upholstery, fabric, laundry, and hard surfaces, and is specially formulated for use on all types of difficult spots, including pet spots. The spot solution earned the Seal of Approval for Superior Cleaning from the Carpet and Rug Institute, and is certified to remove even the most difficult stains without any damage to carpet.

The SpotVortex lets you clean like a professional, without the wait or cost of a service call. Enhance your machine’s cleaning ability for a true, deep Multi-Layer clean. A cleaner, healthier carpet means a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable living space.

Why The SpotVortex?

The SpotVortex system is important because spills, messes, and pet stains are a simple reality of daily life. So are the spots and odors they leave, which traditional methods don’t always thoroughly remove. Spot treatments alone don’t extract. Flushing and blotting can push spots into the carpet backing and pad. Traditional cleaning methods don’t clean to the pad, nor do they removed liquid from the pad. This may allow spots and odors to linger, or worse, reappear. With the SpotVortex, you get the tools necessary to simply remove spots and odors when they happen, without the wait. The SpotVortex gives all of this for less than one service call with a professional carpet cleaner. Put the tools of the pros to work for a fraction of the cost! It’s simple and easy!


Download detailed Spot Removal Instructions here.

Download the SpotVortex 51213 Spot Cleaning Solution MSDS here.